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Standard 6 - Developing as a Professional Educator 

Teachers reflect on their teaching practice to support student learning. They establish professional goals and engage in continuous and purposeful professional growth and development. They collaborate with colleagues and engage in the broader professional community to support teacher and student learning. Teachers learn about and work with families to support student learning. They engage local communities in support of the instructional program. They manage professional responsibilities to maintain motivation and commitment to all students. Teachers demonstrate professional responsibility, integrity, and ethical conduct.

6.7 - Demonstrating professional responsibility, integrity, and ethical conduct 

As teachers develop, they may ask, “How do I…” or “Why do I…”

  • remain informed of, understand, and uphold the professional codes, ethical responsibilities, and legal requirements applicable to the profession?
  • contribute to school and student success by being knowledgeable of learning goals, standards, and objectives established by relevant national, state, and local organizations and stakeholders?
  • meet my professional obligations to implement school, district, state, and federal policies and guidelines?
  • extend my knowledge about my professional and legal responsibilities for students' learning, behavior, and safety?
  • maintain professional conduct and integrity in the classroom and school community?
  • interact appropriately with students and families outside the classroom?
  • demonstrate my professional obligations to students, colleagues, school, and the profession?
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