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Standard 2 - Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

Teachers promote social development and responsibility within a caring community where each student is treated fairly and respectfully. They create physical or virtual learning environments that promote student learning, reflect diversity, and encourage constructive and productive interactions among students. They establish and maintain learning environments that are physically, intellectually, and emotionally safe. Teachers create a rigorous learning environment with high expectations and appropriate support for all students. Teachers develop, communicate, and maintain high standards for individual and group behavior. They employ classroom routines, procedures, norms, and supports for positive behavior to ensure a climate in which all students can learn. They use instructional time to optimize learning.

2.7 Using instructional time to optimize learning

As teachers develop, they may ask, “How do I…” or “Why do I...”

  • organize instruction to optimize learning time?
  • pace instruction to accomplish learning goals?
  • re-direct students’ off-task behavior to make the most of instructional time?
  • adjust instructional time so that all students remain engaged and challenged?
  • structure time for both independent and collaborative learning opportunities?
  • balance instructional, preparation, administrative, and managerial time?
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