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Invalid "TBD" English Language Acquisition Status Code

Description of the error:

If a student with a Primary enrollment has an English Language Acquisition Code = "TBD" and the Student Grade Level Code is not equal to "AD", "IN", "TD", or "PS", then the English Language Acquisition Status Start Date must be less than 90 days before the Census Date of the Report Period.


FATAL error - Must be corrected in order to post the record and/or certify your data.

How to Fix this Error:

Understanding the Error:  The system is trying to ensure that LEAs update English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) Codes of "TBD", as this status should only be temporary for students that are not in the following grades: "AD", "IN", "TD", or "PS."   If the ELAS Start Date in the most recent ELAS record is greater than or equal to 90 days before the Census Day, this error will trigger.
Things to check in the submission:  Look for all students with an ELAS Code of "TBD" whose English Language Acquisition Status Start Date is greater than or equal to 90 days before the Census Date.
Suggested Resolution:  Update the ELAS Code and Start Date for students who are TBDs and resubmit the file.
KNOWN BUG#5226 - Fall 1: Warning Cert106 (Invalid "TBD"English Language Acquisition Status Code) triggers on students with TBD less than 90 days

Fields Validated

12.13 English Language Acquisition Code
12.14 English Language Acquisition Start Date
1.25 Grade Level Code

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Has there been any up-dates on the CERT106 that were fatel errors and then changed to warnings??

Linda Navarro
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